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  OP Computer Business Solutions, Inc. Laredo TX 8917 Molly Dr Suite 7, 78045 / Tel: (956) 725-3310   Fax: (956) 725-2645  
esq1 Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. México: Privada Jalisco #3314 Col. Madero. 88000 / Tel: (867) 712-8005
  To offer our actual and future customers quality products and excellent service, with the main idea of preparing the company to grow in an efficient manner, applying the best of our knowledge and time under professional standards.   OP Computer Business Solutions,Inc. is the result of the success of 19 years, OP CBS started in January 2001 with a new image of service and products related to international trade focusing mainly in customs software. In reality is the merge of two previous companies who operated since 1994. Osale company and OP Mart Computer Store. Now a days our products are operated in 16 cities with a approximate portfolio of 300 customers.  
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Nowadays our custom house broker systems operate in different Mexican customs like:
Nuevo Laredo, Colombia, N.L., Piedras Negras, Reynosa, Matamoros, Ciudad Juarez, Ciudad de México, Guadalajara,Veracruz, Nogales, Querétaro , Lazaro Cardenas, Tijuana, Altamira y Manzanillo.


One of our secrets of success is honesty and dedication, OPCBS has a laboral team of professionals graduated from the best universities of the region with the best effort to give our customers the best of their knowledge.

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Our Slogan “Bringing the future to your office” represent a big compromise that with time and support from our customers, we can accomplish, that is why we established a project department the one in charge of implementing new technology in our applications so we can offer it to our customers.



Our goal is to create long lasting client-supplier relations, where both entities benefit from it.
You as a customer or prospect be confident that has quality software that helps you to reduce cost and have an efficient flow of operations helping at the same time your customers to expedite and be an efficient step on their chain of logistics. Besides let our customers know they have OP CBS as a backup in order to accomplish it. We as a company satisfy our customers means ease and permanence in a market where globalization, Mexican law and economy make it more difficult every day.






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