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Cloud computing services has become a normal way of operations to small businesses. During the last 5 years this market has tripled with an estimate value of 46 billion of dollars and is expected to grow to 150 billion by 2014.

Cloud computing is about giving IT infreaestructure, applications or services to companies or end users on demand remotely using internet.

Cloud computing delivers the virtual technology to any user  to any physical location . This includes dedicated servers, aplications, file or data storage.

It is important to metion that this cloud services can be adjusted to different budgets depending of customer needs. That means that by using this new technology , companies pay for service and not for infrastructure.

Principal Benefits of cloud computing

  1. To reduce investment and to be updating servers periodically.
  2. Outsource of IT personnel instead of an in house technician.
  3. 100% Uptime guarantee
  4. Security and Backup of data.
  5. Access the cloud from any mobile equipment with internet access.

Nowadays, OP offers Cloud Computing and will continue to grow in this area, diversifying services and solutions during the next years


Shortly, OP will offer this Cloud Computing services to our customers.

  • Data Storage
  • Image and Document Storage
  • Cloud Backup Services



algunas de las aplicaciones que OP ofrece estan instaladas en centros de datos seguros y confiables donde se garantiza la operacion de los mismos las 24 horas de el dia, estos son el sistema de transporte asi como el Sistema de tarifa arancelaria.

Ademas de operar nuestras aplicaciones en la NUBE, ofrecemos a nuestros clientes Asesoría y apoyo para la implementacion de nuestros productos en servidores en la NUBE reduciendo asi el costo de mantenimiento de sus propios equipos y/o personal tecnico especializado para protegerlo y mantenerlo al dia en actualizaciones de sistemas operativos, anti virus, parches etc.





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